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Face masks must be worn on all Driving Lessons and Driving Tests.

Lets make 2022 a safe journey for you.

Jules Driver Training

Now back in operation and ready to get you through that Driving Test.

Our cars are made COVID 19 safe to ensure your in a completely safe

environment on lessons and on your Driving Test.

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Learn to Drive with Jules

JuLes Driving School is family oriented & recommended by our students.

All of our instructors are trained to give you, the customer, complete satisfaction in your driving experience so that you can handle driving on your own, with skill, safety, caution, and respect for all other road users and pedestrians. We are patient and totally professional to ensure you can handle the goals you will be given at the start of every driving lesson. We use a client centered approach ensuring we only work at a pace that's suitable for you & your ability. Service, Security, and Success is what we are all about. Jules Driving School looks forward to serving you.

Give Sarah a call now on 07581 007797  or email her at  Sarahmoore2918@gmail.com

Professional Driving Lessons by Professional Driving Instructors

Our Driving Instructors are top 'A' Grades                                                            Give Sarah a call now on 07581 007797 or email her at Sarahmoore2918@gmail.com                                                

Why choose us

A few good reasons why you should choose Jules!

We promise to give you the following:

Great value for money


Our prices are market competitive and with many ways of paying including PayPal & Credit Card helping you spead the cost. Dont forget also, you can block book and reduce the price even further.

Professional friendly Instructors


All our instructors are 'A'Graded' qualified, CRB checked and Female. We will help you make constant progress and stay motivated during the lessons.

Progress record book for every pupil

To keep a track of your progress and payments ensuring you keep up to date with your learning. With so many useful tips including how to practise the Tell me Show me questions.

Pay for your lessons here

You can pay for just one lesson or block book 10 lessons.

1 lesson = £35

10 block booked = £340

Give Sarah a call on 07581 007797 or email her at Sarahmoore2918@gmail.com

Pay here if wish to buy single lessons @ £35 each.

Pay here if wish to buy 10 lessons @ £34.00 each - £340.00

What Our Students Say about us


Would highly recommend Jules Driver Training to everyone.

Outstanding driving instructors. Have excellent skills for nervous drivers and plenty of passion to help achieve your dream of being independent.

Many thanks again for the excellent care of my daughter, 


Lydia Merifield, Stamford



Professional, honest and friendly. Cannot recommend Jules Driver Training enough. Thank you from one happy mum


.Mona Gabrielle James, Stamford

Great fun and great Lady. Jules Driver Training is the best. They not only got me through 1st time but made learning fun so took all the pressure of what I thought would be stressfull.

.Ella Baines,

Witham on the Hill


One of the loveliest, most supportive people you could ever wish to have to teach your child to drive. Amazing lady.


Alison Gowers  Stamford


Such an amazing instructor, really helped me to build my confidence and get me passed first time!


Darcy Walton  Stamford


Should also be known as Wonder Woman...They are amazing and I truly recommend their services. Thought I'd never get to grips with driving but wow, you should see me now & all thanks to Sarah  xx ☺️

Emma Louise Holmes  Stamford

The best !

You can pay for your lessons in many different ways. Click the buy now button and insert ammount, (10 Lessons = £340)or individual lesson price (£35). Remember to ask us about Gift Vouchers for loved ones as a treat.  

Give Sarah a call on 07581 007797 or email her at Sarahmoore2918@gmail.com

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QUOTE from Jacob D

Sarah taught me to drive late last year and I always said i would get a Corsa when i passed. Sarah gave me some great advice on insurance pros & cons especially with Black Boxes. So wished I had listened to her. My first insurance was increased by 20% just because of where i lived. The colour of the car made a difference also. Sarah, your the best. xx

Jacob D   Stamford

QUOTE from a pupil

My Instructor was sooo funny which made learning so so so easy to do. By the time I got to the Test Centre at Grantham we were both in stitches which helped so much with the nerves. I cried quite a lot on my lessons but it was all because my Instructor was a scream and made me laugh till I cried. Jules Driver training I love you forever.


Give Sarah a call on 07581007797 or email her at  Sarahmoore2918@gmail.com

How to Save Money on Car Insurance


Whether you wind up using it or not, car insurance will be one monthly bill you will have for as long as you’re driving. Find out how to make it cheaper. Speak with Sarah to find out benefits of a black box fitted or not.


  March 15, 2020