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General Questions

When can I apply for a Drivers Permit?

Students can apply for their Learner's Permit once they have turned 15 and completed the first unit/module of either the Parent-Taught Drivers Education or Online Drivers Ed courses.

The Parent-Taught course will give you the option of purchasing and taking the Learner's Permit exam online instead of at the DPS. The Online Drivers Ed course already features the Learner's Permit exam within the program.

What forms do I need in order to apply for a permit?
Do I have to complete my driver education training in one sitting?
What behind-the-wheel training do I need to get a Driver's License?
How will I get my certificate at the end of the course?

Classes and Fees

When are driving lessons offered?

Driving lessons and observation time are offered by appointment seven days a week during the hours of 7:00AM through 8:00PM.

What is observation?
How long is a driving lesson?
What are the fees and when are they due?
Do you offer private lessons and what is the cost?